Monday, April 2, 2012

Unique Board Game Store Opportunity on Kickstarter!

Personally, I love board games! Or card games. Or really, any game that doesn't involve having to sit staring at a backlit screen for hours at a time (for real - I didn't even own an xBox until I was married, and technically it's "his" though he has started me gaming here and there).

So when I saw this gig, which combines a coffee-shop atmosphere with board games, I was hooked! Gas Lamp Cafe is planning on being a social games cafe, with a variety of games available for everyone to play no matter what their ability or familiarity. Additionally, they hope to host game tournaments and other such awesomeness!

I'm kinda sad that this isn't in my local area, but that still hasn't stopped me from donating towards their cause (because who knows, maybe I can open a similar type of shop around here at some point!). I highly recommend any of you to do the same - especially if you are in the Seattle, WA area!!

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