Thursday, July 21, 2011

REPOST from my previous blog: MagnaBlade

Just to show you that I'm not a newbie blogger, I thought I would share one of my more memorable blog posts from my previous blog (that I am phasing out of in order to move to this blog).

As a member of, I used to write reviews for businesses and new products. This was one product that TO THIS DAY still amazes me - my husband still uses it all the time!!

Back on December 14th [2010], I let you know about this new product called Magnablade that I was going to try out. Here is their website:

I was excited to see if this product could deliver on its claims to extend razor life, as my hubs goes through a lot of razors every month, or gets so tired of going through razors that he stops shaving and starts looking like a mountain man! ;)

The first thing we noticed is that it is a nice small size, and is eco-friendly because it doesn't require a power supply. We could easily fit it into our medicine cabinet, or place it on our bathroom counter without it taking up a lot of space.

We tried two types of disposable razors on it - a "cheapy" razor, which is one that can be thrown completely away after use; and a "good" razor, one where you only throw away the blade when it is dull but keep the handle.

The product instructions recommend starting with a brand new razor for the best results, but since we were limited on time I decided to go ahead and do a little test with a "cheapy" razor that was already at the end of its life. I wanted to see if we could get at least one more use out of it. I placed it on the Magnablade for one day, then pulled it off and had my husband use it. It was a success- we got one more use out of the razor!!!

Then my husband tried a new "good" razor on it. He found that not only did the Magnablade extend the life of the razor, but he had less skin irritation from it as well!! That was probably because the blade wasn't dulling so fast like it used to, and it was a really exciting moment for us because it made my husband less likely to give up shaving because his skin had too much irritation!!

We gave a second Magnablade to my brother, and he also had similar results.

Overall, this product is truthful in its claims, and I highly recommend it!! The best traits of the product in our opinion are that:
1) It is eco-friendly - it doesn't use up batteries or electricity, saving on environmental waste.
2) It is compact - you don't need a lot of space to store it.
3) It reduces skin irritation - no more painful breakouts after shaving!
4) It lives up to its claims and actually extends the life of your razors, whether they are "cheapy" ones or "good" ones!!

They have a money back guarantee listed on the website, so I say go out and try one for yourself if you are skeptical - I think you will love it as much as we do! :)

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