Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can you make eBook covers?

It feels great having finally published a real book - except that I hate the cover! :) I'm not really a graphic artist, or even that skilled at making much of anything on the computer.

So, readers, can any of you make a great cover for my book? I'm willing to give you a FREE copy of Twin Rivers if you can create an awesome eBook cover that I can use on Smashwords!!

I can only use one, so I'll make this into a contest. From now until Monday, July 25th at 8AM CST, just submit your cover ideas to javajesspublishing at hotmail dot com (sorry guys, had to type it out the long way or the crazy spam bots would pick it up and start sending me horrible penis enlargement emails) . I will post them here for my readers to vote on, and the winner gets bragging rights as my cover artist PLUS a FREE copy of Twin Rivers!!

Good luck!

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