Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Books I'm Working On

Even though I'm working on my Masters degree and have a job, I still have several more books I am working on that I hope to get published in eBook format within the next year. One is simply a revision of a hard-copy book that I put out a while ago, titled Treats N' Eats: An Etsy Community Cookbook. I originally published through Lulu, but I don't like how they do their pricing, as it makes the book basically unaffordable. Smashwords is MUCH more reasonable about pricing!! Smashwords will be black and white, but if you want a color version of the eBook you can go here.

Another is a book of my poetry - before I really wrote much in terms of prose, I wrote poetry. A LOT of poetry. My mom is a teacher, and she bought me one of those Poem-Starters calendars that had a different idea each day... and I did a lot of them! I was going to do a full color, fully illustrated book... but I had a really hard time getting enough art submissions, and honestly some of the ones I did get looked terrible! So, I'll probably just make it an unillustrated version. The hardest part about getting that book ready for publishing is 1) finding all my various poems hidden all over the place in my journals, school notebooks, emails, etc. and 2) getting it formatted in a way that works for eBooks. My poetry tends to have weird formatting, and I'm just not sure how it will transfer into eBook form.

Although my husband and I have FINALLY found a great church to join, for the first 5 years of our marriage we were "church hoppers", and that is another one of the books I want to get done. I only wrote a very short part of it so far, but I think it would be a good one for many church leaders to read so they can see if they are driving people away rather than gathering them in to their churches.

Since I love vampire/mythical creature/ fantasy/ sci-fi books (ok, I actually like all types of books, but those are probably my favorite!!), I have started writing a vampire book of sorts. It's only a few paragraphs of ideas right now, but I'm hoping the characters will start forming and the plot will come to me.

Finally, I'm writing the first of what I hope will be a series about a teen girl who is the only ordinary girl in a world full of super heroes! :) This character is one I truly love, and I've been writing here and there different adventures I want her to embark on. I will possibly put up a "sneak peak" of that book here sometime in the next couple of months!!

For my author followers, what types of books are you working on right now? For my readers, which of these books sounds most interesting to you?

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