Sunday, March 9, 2014

Snooping Around Sunday - Book Reviews!

As a book blogger, it's probably not very surprising that the majority of blogs I follow are book-related - other book bloggers, book giveaways, authors, etc. Today I wanted to celebrate that by sharing some of the posts I found were worth checking out today!

Dreaming About Other Worlds participated in a Book Blog Hop - boy do I wish I had time to participate in those! :) I think her answer was well-written - what do you think?

The Cat Overlord Book Club surprised me by showing that The Walking Dead is actually a book series and not just a tv show! I've never watched the show, but books are much more my thing so maybe I can start getting into it.

For my fellow book bloggers, Anne R Allen talks about how to comment on a blog to help build your web presence. This is great for authors, too.

Shell's Stories gave such a positive and interesting review on The Unwanted that I must now add it to my overwhelmingly large, five-thousand-book-plus "To Read" list on Goodreads.... here's hoping that I really can get to it!!

If you're a giveaway freak like me, definitely pop over to JeanzBookReadandReview and check out her review and giveaway for The Eslites: The Arrival.

For my cover artists, A Backwards Story has some beautiful cover reveals worth looking at.

That's all I had time for today - my day job held a big client wedding yesterday, and my travel business has been pleasantly busy as well (though I wish I could clinch a lot more sales right now, trying to save up for a big 10 year anniversary trip with the hubs next year!!).

Have a well-read week! :)


  1. Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my review. Also, this post is such a cool idea!

    Shell's Stories

  2. Thanks a bunch for the linkage and your comment over at my blog, Jessica! Much appreciated. There are some things we assume "everybody knows" but some people aren't intuitive about tech and making blog comments can feel scary. I hope more "lurkers" will feel they can comment after they read it.