Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gone Reading - A Bookish Gift Delight!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned that I had received a wonderful package from the folks at Gone Reading? Well, I've finally found the time to review their products and tell you more about them!

First of all, they are an online store dedicated to great bookish gifts - everything from tshirts to book lights to themed sets (for example, if you have an Edgar Allen Poe fan in your life, there is a set for that!). They sent me three amazing items: a t-shirt, a reading journal, and a floating bookshelf.

As a travel agent, of course I LOVE beach themed items, so when you can combine a beach theme AND books I'm one happy gal! They sent me the following shirt that is definitely something I'll be wearing on my next cruise, which you can find here.

The floating bookshelf was something I had been secretly coveting for years on places such as Etsy and Ebay, so I couldn't wait to try one out! The one they sent me can be found here. My advice? Buy more than one! These are sooo cool, fun, and look great in any room! Plus, for those of us (like me) that live in a smaller amount of square footage, these don't take up valuable floor space unlike traditional bookcases. I think this is one thing that will stay on my gift list year round!

Finally, they sent me this reading journal. I wasn't sure if I would like something like a reading journal, since I keep most of my reviews in a small wirebound notebook before I post them on Goodreads and this blog. Boy was I surprised at how cool the journal really was! Since the pictures on the website don't do it nearly enough justice, here are some of the fun things that can be found inside of the reading journal:

The last pic is of my personal favorite feature - book lists! They have everything from books Oprah has had in her book club, to prize winners over the years, to favorites in each genre.

Look - if you love books, or know someone who does, this should be your first stop when purchasing a bookish gift! Hands down, these items were well-made and wonderful, and priced affordably.

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