Sunday, July 27, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 1: Work, work and more work!

In case you missed yesterday's post, the cliff's notes version is that I am doing the 21 Day Fix program by Beachbody.

Today was day one, and the theme today? Work, work and more work! Here is the menu for today:

First, we went ahead and did our "Before" pictures and measurements/weights. I had already been measured/weighed a few days ago at my last personal training session, so we just did Chris'. The pictures were... well... painful, so we decided that unless we get some crazy good results at the end, we won't be posting the pictures. Hey - just because I am doing an honest review doesn't mean you all need to be seeing my "tub tub" (as I so fondly/cursingly call my belly).

I whipped up our breakfast, since it wasn't too far from what I used to eat every day. I added in some fresh dill and chives (thanks to my green thumb friend, and personal trainer, Kim!!) to give the eggs more texture and flavor. Verdict? YUMMY! I was afraid I wouldn't like it since my usual breakfast sandwich includes a whole gluten free O'Dough's Bagel Thin (I highly recommend them, they are yummy and only 100 calories each) with mayo, cheese, and only one egg. But this worked well for me, and the hubs loved his too!

Shortly after breakfast we tackled our first 21 Day Fix workout, which was the Total Body Cardio Fix. Remember that I only do personal training twice per week but otherwise am mostly sedentary, and my husband says he walks on the treadmill every day during his lunch break (of course, I have no way to verify that lol) but otherwise he doesn't really do regular workouts. Verdict? HOLY CRAP THAT WAS HARD WORK! The funniest part to me was that my hubs complained the entire time while I just powered through - he is always teasing me for being a "wimp" because my body hates me (maybe I'll touch on that tomorrow). Maybe my two personal training sessions per week have made me stronger than I thought! However, afterward boy, oh boy was I sore! Hubs hasn't complained about being sore as much as I have probably, so I suppose we are even. I'll probably be hooking up my e-stim (electrical stimulation) machine after this post to try and work out some of the pain in my hips and back but I still overall feel like I'm proud of how well I could keep up.

We made sure to eat our morning snack right after the workout - my trainer Kim always says that it's important to get a little carb and protein after a workout. I didn't bother with a picture - there's nothing interesting about an apple with 2tsp of peanut butter! I will note that this is the first time I bothered measuring out my PB - I'm a bit of a PB addict, so I usually lather it on very thickly. But surprisingly, I didn't need it!

I wish I could say we took it easy after all of that, but it's the weekend so that meant laundry and a few light chores. Soon enough, we found ourselves at lunch. That was probably the most surprising meal of the day - who knew that it would be sooo much food? We were so distracted that we forgot to add the cheese, so we ended up moving the cheese to dinner and having quesodillas rather than plain tortillas with our chili. Here's what the lunch looked like - it was only 1 red, 2 greens, and an orange!

Yes - that is a FULL SIZE dinner plate!! It was tasty too.

While tasty, it was a lot of work to prep all of that veg. Then we had to do more work, cleaning up all the dishes - that was load #1.

Thankfully the afternoon was pretty uneventful, but the salad didn't last as long for me, so I made the afternoon "snack". I based the recipe off a Meditterranean pasta dish I've made before, subbing the olives for mushrooms since I hadn't noticed when I first planned the menu that olives count as an orange (and not a green). It was good, and filling - but we still had a snack and dinner left for the day!

I worked on dinner while hubs pre-made tomorrow's lunch - yep, more work, but we weren't sure how else we'd be able to have something for Chris to bring to work with him. This created yet another large pile of dishes - that was load #2, and we have about 1/4 of a load of dirty dishes still left. This is definitely a labor-intensive, messy food program so far!

We weren't super hungry, but this is what our dinner ended up looking like:

I combined our last snack with our cherries to create a more fruity snack. I won't lie - I didn't actually finish all of my food! That's a shocker, as I figured this food plan (like any other plan I've tried in the past) would leave me hungry all the time. Verdict? NOT TRUE! I'm satisfied, and the food was actually good!

We've decided, since the workout today was so hard, that our workouts will now be in the afternoon once hubs gets home from work, so we aren't "useless" all day lol. I have the "benefit", if you will, of currently being between day jobs, so other than spending time on my travel business I have some extra flexibility to make those afternoon workouts work for me as well.

Final thoughts on Day 1? This has been a lot of work so far, but the food has been better than expected. I'm cautiously optimistic right now since I haven't had to struggle as much as I thought! Final counts had me short about 1/4 yellow, plus a little green/red from the chili I couldn't finish. Chris didn't eat any of his extra containers so he was short a green, purple, red, and tsp along with 1/4 yellow.

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