Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sorta Recommended Read: Lovely by Allison Liddelle

This book was a freebie, and while I won't label it a flop I won't label it a great read, either. Lovely by Allison Liddelle is a disturbingly frank look into the world of a suicidal teen and her issues with cutting and abuse.

Honestly, the book blurb didn't really match what was going on in the story. I thought it would have something to do with being able to change a decision made in the past, so it was surprising that the book actually covered issues of depression, suicide, and abuse.

The story jumps around a lot and is pretty confusing, and there are numerous grammatical errors throughout. I was surprised that Barnes and Noble would allow this book in their system, even if it was free, due to all the errors!!

That aside, I think it takes a lot of guts to post about such raw emotions and such a difficult life experience. Surviving abuse is difficult, and I'm sure the author relived some of it as she wrote this book. That's why I still gave it three stars on Goodreads.

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