Friday, November 20, 2015

Guest Post: Buying Islamic Books

**** This is a guest blog post. The views in this post do not necessarily reflect those of Author Jess. ****

If you practice the religion of Islam, or if you have a keen interest in the religion itself, you would be well placed to learn more through the use of Islamic books and Arabic text.
Islamic books can be purchased across the world from a variety of sources including Islamic bookstores and online, and they can cater for a wide range of individuals.  You can also buy Islamic books for children to assist with their learning as they grow up.
Let’s look firstly at how you can find books related to Islam online…..
If you go onto any internet search engine of your choice, you can find books related to Islam by simply typing in any of the following key words:
  • Islamic Books, Arabic Text, Islamic Books Online, Islamic Books for Kids, Arabic Books, Islamic Book, Islam Book
and once you hit enter you will have a range of different options available to you to browse and potentially purchase depending on your thoughts and needs.
While it might be a common misconception, the fact remains that a lot of people feel that Islamic books are only published for people practising the religion of Islam.  This, however, is wrong.  Islam books can be utilised by absolutely anyone that feels they would like to read them, and they are designed to help you understand the religions and beliefs of the religion further.  What’s more is that a lot of Islamic book shops will stock a variety of texts that have been translated which means you can also pick one up to read even if you can’t read or speak Arabic, so there is no reason for you not to pick one up.
As previously touched upon, children are not left out either – Islamic bookstores and online stores even stock Arabic / Islamic texts for kids, and these books will play a big part in their education from the very first time they hear / read the text.  Books for both children and adults will provide continued learning on Islam and will open your eyes to things you may not have known before.
For those who are still wondering and asking themselves what the benefits of Arabic and Islamic books are then please read on….
  1. Arabic and Islamic books are very educational, allowing a person to delve deeper into their interest or religion to gain a better understanding and help them live their life according to their religious beliefs.
  2. They can be distributed out to different places to assist with education amongst groups of people too.  You will more than likely come across a range of Islamic and Arabic texts for people of all ages in the following places:  Research Organisations, Independent Scholar Libraries, Mosque Libraries, Large Academic Institutions, and Religious Seminaries.
  3. Arab literature has never been more energetic or varied than today – This means that you can select from the widest range of Islamic and Arabic texts that has been around in recent times with each piece detailing different eras and episodes of history.
  4. It promotes the engaging of people in both the Western and Arab worlds to ensure that we are together as one in life.
Arabic and Islamic texts are written by numerous authors, and there are more and more appearing now.  They each have their own insight into the world of Islam based on their experiences in life, and they are an interesting read because depending on the stage of life the author is at this decides on what you are getting.  For the older authors, you will more than likely come across readings that are reflecting on the era they were involved in and are now leaving to move into a new one.  You will receive a look back into the past to see what life has been like through the author’s eyes and storytelling skills.  For books that are authored by younger types, you will most likely be reading about their life so far with religion and look into the future to see what might be.
All in all, Islamic / Arabic books prove beneficial to a great deal of people, and have an audience all over the world, so if you want to expand your knowledge further, or if you want a change of scenery reading something new, then look no further.
If you’ve never been to an Islamic bookstore before, please do.  You will be welcomed with open arms and a calm, serene setting allowing you to relax and browse throughout the store with an open mind and nothing to worry about.
One place worth a visit should you be in or around London is the Arabic Books London Bookstore who can be found at 203 High Street, Harlesden, London, NW10 4TE or or on Amazon’s bookstore.  If you are nowhere near this location, look around your local area for other Arabic bookstores to meet your needs.
If you like to read about history, heritage, culture, and religion, or indeed any of those subjects mentioned, then where better to start than with an Islamic / Arabic text which is available for both kids and adults.

For more information on where to purchase these writings from, please visit the internet where you will find a variety of reputable Arabic and Islam book sellers and stores that are local to your area.  You will also find a variety of online shops on reputable sites including Amazon.

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